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Board of Directors Election

Congratulations to Marco, Jenny and Krissy for being voted onto the PCYH Board of Directors by the membership. Since the Annual meeting Nick Rydberg resigned his position on the board, he has one year remaining in his term, leaving a vacancy. The Board of Directors decided to ask the next most vote earner to fill the vacancy, Paul Kirby. He has accepted the opportunity to fill the vacancy left by Nick. Thank you Kirby.

STP (Summer Training Program)

The STP is an on-ice training program for those skaters in grades 7-12. Those who are interested can get more info from the attached flyer.

S.K.A.T.E Program

Welcome To Skaters Keep Achieving Through Education (S.K.A.T.E.) !

The S.K.A.T.E. program has become one of the most successful initiatives in youth athletics because it enjoys the universal support of young hockey players, parents and youth hockey organizations. The lifeblood of the S.K.A.T.E. program are the hundreds of volunteers at the local level who help to organize, activate and execute the program for the kids in their respective communities.
As competitors, young players set goals for themselves on the ice and in the classroom. Like the cheers they hear for goals, assists and good hustle, they respond positively to recognition and reward for their performances in the classroom. The fact is, 99% of youth hockey players will never play professional hockey, so the idea of placing greater emphasis on education makes sense.

PCYH is again participating in the SKATE Program and encourage our members to work hard at school and submit their 2nd quarter report card. Students must have a B or better grade average to be recognized at the Annual Year End Banquet. Those in preschool can submit a letter from their teacher.

Please make a copy of your report card and put it in the envelope in the concessions stand.

Greetings to all PCYH members. Please take a moment to read the attached letter from PCYH.


District 10 Game Schedules & November Practices

Game schedules are posted below for each individual District 10 team.    

MITE TEAMS (8U, Mite B, Mite C, D and 6U)

Mite team rosters have been UPDATED and posted on the Mite page of the website. PCYH has experienced an increase in registrations in the past week and that has allowed there to be a split at the Mite C level to have 2 teams. Parents, please check your team page in the coming days for important information from your manager. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused but we feel this is the best thing for all participants in our program, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Erik Hermanson,  the Mite Hockey Director.

S.K.A.T.E. Program Coordinator Needed

Position filled. Thank You Joann Schmidt!


Any Learn 2 Skate or Mite D's that need gear, please contact Lara at 651-210-2735 to set up a time to meet. No one is at the warming house unless a time has been set up for meeting. Thank you.


The PCYH Board will be selecting coaches at the upcoming board meeting on Monday. If you would like to be considered for a coaching position please contact Eric Danielson if you have not already done so. Managers will be selected as well, please contact Lara Smetana if you are interested in managing if you have not already done so. Go to the board tab and send an email to Lara or Eric.

All coaches and managers must be registered with USA Hockey and have their safe sport completed. the coaches will also need to have a valid CEP # with the correct coaching module.

ALL paperwork needs to be completed ASAP so the team books can be done and rosters signed off by D10 Hockey. Coaches and managers who have not completed the required paperwork will be red lined from coaching this season.


All Dragon gear must be ordered and purchased directly from Lee's Pro Shop now that the deadline has passed for the group order. You most likely will not receive it before Christmas. 


Thanks for everyone who was at picture night. It is truly organized chaos, but great to see everyone's smiling faces.


A few things: A helmet with $34 stickers was left on the ice, if it belongs to your skater it is in the office at the arena, ask one of the workers for it.

Another helmet was taken by accident, so if you have the wrong helmet, please find Chad or Gabby Schumacher. She has one but it is not hers.


Once we know when pictures will be in, an email will be sent out.


PCYH will be selling wreaths again this year. all order forms and information is below. Orders must be in By November 4th. Wreaths will be ready for pick-up on Friday, November 18th from 5-7pm and Saturday November 19th from 9:30-11:30 at the outdoor rink warming house.

Happy Selling!!


PCYH is happy to announce the Summer Shooting Contest Winners:

Mite: Oskar Rydberg

Squirt: Oscar Gribavaul

PW: Seth Linnell

Bantam: Gabe Westbrook

Winners need to go into Lee's Pro Shop to pick out their new stick. Ask to see Jay.



WILD TOUR stops in Pine City


Where does the money raised from our Charitable Gambling go?  The following Lawful  Purpose Donations were made over the past year (end of 2015 hockey season through end of 2016 hockey season): 

$38,785.00 paid to the Pine City Civic Center (for youth hockey ice fees and free open skating/hockey)

$600.00 was donated to the Rush City Youth Sports Club

$250.00 was donated to the Rush City High School Senior All night Party

$2610.00 was donated to the Rush City Park & Rec board (to help build and maintain the outdoor hockey rink/warming house)

$521.00 paid to Chucker’s Bowl & Lounge (donation of our free pizza/bowling registration event)

$10,000.00 was donated to the Rush City Schools

$167.25 paid to the Rush City Bakery & $103.46 paid to Rush City Foods (donation of cookies and juice for the year end banquet)

$50,233.50 paid for lawful purpose expenses (required taxes and fees: IRS, MN Revenue, MN Gambling Control, etc.)


In that same time frame, $1,292,172.50 in prizes were given away from games that were played (pull tab, meat raffle, bingo, calendar raffle, & tip board games)! 

Thank you for supporting Pine City/Rush City youth hockey by playing!




PCYH fans and families raised $728 and 153# of food for the Pine community Food Shelf at the Coaches vs Coaches game. The businesses in Pine City have been a GREAT supporter of this event! 





If you still have hockey equipment that belongs to PCYH please make arrangements to return it by contacting  Lara @ 651-210-2735. Thank you.


Recent injuries, complaints and damage to property require that we review the rules of the shooting station at the west end of the hockey arena.  The space was allotted to youth hockey as a tool to promote skill development, exercise and training on the basis that we (all of the members of the association) maintain the equipment and supervise the area.  The space remains the property of the Civic Center and we could lose access to it if we continue to allow it to be used as a jungle gym with sticks.  Please review the rules and explain them to your athlete(s).  Also, don't hesitate to remind someone of the rules if/when you see them in violation.  


As of the new year (Jan 1, 2016), PCYH board is prepared to discipline athletes who refuse to comply with the rules. Restriction from the area tied with a loss of game eligibility (they won't be allowed to play in a game) are being considered as consquences.


The shooting area is a great thing and is mostly used for it's intended purpose.  We just need to tighten things up to maintain the equipment and avoid future injury to our kids.


Thank you, 





1) Helmets and gloves must be worn at all times

2) Shooting pucks in the caged area only

3) No more than two players in the cage at one time

4) No playing hockey in this area during hockey games (youth or High School)

5) Pucks are not allowed outside the caged area


Failure to follow these rules may result in loss of playing time.

Thank you for your immediate attention to these rules.

PCYH Board meetings

The PCYH Board will begin meeting every third Monday at the Pine City Country Club at 7pm. We will make our best effort to keep this schedule, but it is subject to change and those changes will be posted on the website homepage as they occur.

Along with the stable meeting dates we will be posting all agendas, meeting minutes, treasurer and gambling reports on the Board page.

We want to make meetings and minutes accessible to all members. We appreciate your input and invite you to come to the meetings.

Thank you.

Jacob Stuckey Squirt B2 goalie with WILD goalie Dubnyk!!

PeeWee C take District 10 Championship!!!

PeeWee C District Champions

PCYH PeeWee C take 1st at Districts

Squirt B1 take 1st in Brainard Tournament

PeeWee A - Proctor Tournament Champions!! Go Undeafeted at tourney

PeeWee A - Proctor Tournament Champs!!!

PeeWee C Team

PeeWee C Eau Claire Tournament Third Place

Bantam B1 team takes 1st place in Amery!

Bantam B1 played hard all weekend. Winning all 3 games in Hibbing and showing off 1984-1985 throwback Pine City jerseys

If you could win one hockey tournament in your career, what would it be?