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The next Five Day

Thu 10/2 Fri 10/3 Sat 10/4 Sun 10/5 Mon 10/6

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Squirt B1 & B2 Practice
4:45pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Bantam B1 & B2 Practice
6:00pm CDT Ical_event_icon

Peewee A & C Practice
7:15pm CDT Ical_event_icon

no events

Peewee A & C Practice
8:15pm CDT Ical_event_icon

PCYH 2014-15 TEAMS

Bantam B1

Cole B

Andrew G

Carter H

Logan J

Joseph R

TJ Roth

Tommy R

Beau S

Jordan S

Ethan W

Kyle W

Logan B (goalie)


Bantam B2

Jordan B

Sam C

Chad F

Jace F

Ryan G

Joey M

Blaise O

TJ Rank

Emma S

Dereck T

Dominic T

Robert L (goalie)


PeeWee A

Dusty B

Tanner B

Delfin C

Jared C

Luke F

Justin G

Howie H

George M

Parker S

Peyton S

Gabe W

Tryston W

Alex L (goalie)


PeeWee C

Mason A

Chase B

Jake B

Landon D

Jack F

Daisy K

Sully L

Cooper P

Megan R

Kody S

Troy S

Sam S

Tim T

Hunter V

Cody L (Goalie)


Squirt B1

Hunter D

McCoy L

James L

Seth L

Mason M

Mason R

Andrew T

Aidan W

Rilee W

Ryder Y

Mason O (goalie)


Squirt B2

Andrew D

Jordan D

Hope G

Isaac J

Jarred J

Brent K

Emma K

Camden M

Ryan N

Treyvan O

Gabby S


Logan V

Jacob S (goalie)

Griffin F (goalie)


Congratulations to all players.

Practices start in Mora this Weekend. They are not mandatory, but all team members will be billed for the ice time. Please check the calendar at the top of the webpage for specific times for your team. We plan to have ice in Pine City mid-month. Those specifics can be found on the calendar too.


Registration checks will be deposited on Friday, September 26th.


MN Wild Tickets

$40 each


There are two game dates this year that we have MN Wild tickets available to PCYH.


Saturday, March 21 Wild vs. Blues 1:00 pm

There are 35 tickets available for this game.


Saturday, April 4    Wild vs. Red Wings 6:00 pm

There are 36 tickets available for this game.



If you are interested in purchasing tickets for a MN Wild game, please contact Melissa Wiener at 612-363-8148 or kirtismelissa@yahoo.com to order.  Your tickets are not considered sold until they are paid in full.







For a $100 deposit, new skaters will receive a bag of gear for their first season of youth hockey. The gear includes:

Elbow pads       Shin pads       Shoulder pads

Gloves      Breezers         Helmet.

You only have to provide a stick and hockey skates.

Equipment can be picked up at the outdoor warming house:

October 20th  5-8pm

October 21st   5-8pm

October 22nd  4-5:30pm

If you cannot make any of these times please call Lara @651-210-2735

2014-15 Coaches and Managers

Again this season PCYH will be accepting applications for coaches and managers at each level. If you submitted an application last season and wish to be considered again this year, please contact Paul Kirby for coaches and Lara Smetana for managers.

If you are a new applicant, please fill out the specific application and submit it during registration. Notification and/or applications must be submitted by September 25th.

Thank you.


Level IV Coaching Certification

Any current coach for PCYH may be eligible for reimbursement for Level IV coaching certification classes. Please contact the board president for preapproval before taking a class. If you have taken a class prior to 4/28/14, please contact Justin Jahnz, jjahnz@msn.com.

Look Who's playing in the Hockey City Classic at TCF Bank Stadium

U8 Lady Dragons are playing in the Hockey City Classic at TCF Bank Stadium, Friday January, 17th

CONGRATULATIONS to the PCYH Lady Dragons who have the Awesome opportunity to play in the Hockey City Classic on Friday, January 17th at TCF Bank Stadium. PCYH has tickets for sale to the game. The Lady Gophers play at 4:30 pm and the mens at 8pm. Ticket price is $30 each and they are in section 218. For ticket information or needs contact Melissa Wiener at 612-363-8148, kirtismelissa@yahoo.com or mwiener@rushcity.k12.mn.us


What is your favorite Minnesota sports team?