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PCYH Girls night at Dragon Varsity Hockey game: December 21st - Dragon Varsity team vs. Becker/Big Lake at 7pm. (see below for details)

All girl teams, u6-u12 are invited to come cheer the Varsity Dragon Hockey team.  All girls should wear their green jersey.  (More details emailed out later this week) 


PCYH is hosting a PeeWee Tournament January 13 & 14.

Check out the DIBS page for volunteer opportunities available during this weekend.  


PCYH Board Meetings:

The December 2017 PCYH Board meeting will be held on Monday, December 18th at 6:30pm.  Location:  TBD

All PCYH members are welcome to attend. 

2017 Dragon Hockey Apparel Order

Orders were due before Tuesday, November 28th! 

Order forms have been moved to the Apparel tab. 

For order form click the link below:

Instructions to add an email to your Ngin account or link to separate Ngin accounts

Do you have a spouse, significant other, or ex-spouse that is not receiving email correspondences from PCYH?  You can add an email to your household profile or link two SportsEngine(Ngin) account so that all parties receive message from PCYH. 
Effective communication is important for a successful year for your player(s) and family

Below are the Mite level teams. 

Please check the calendar for your new upcoming practice times.    

Pine City Youth Hockey is strong and growing!  We are looking forward to a great year of growth and development! 


Manager For All Mite D’s Deanna Jahnz

Mite D Green

Coach-  Andy Ames, Kyle Borgstrom, Matt Prihoda

Leonard Ames   

Alec Anderson           

Ryan Bjorklund         

Eli Borgstrom                      

Bennett Koppy

Blayne Rasinski

John Barnett

Caleb Mckellar

Noah Mckellar

Zachary Prihoda


Mite D Black

Coach- James Jahnz, Ryan Brandt

Ayven Fulton                     

Connor Jahnz             

Henry Johnson  

Tucker Knosalla-Sassen   

Hunter Brandt                                

Sawyer Dvorak

Sullivan Dvorak

John Ganley

Mason Gahler


Mite D White

Coach- Kip Rydberg, Grant Nicoll

Landon Ludwig  

Aryan Montour         

Brooks Nicoll 

Sullivan Peterson                

Max Rydberg    

Jack Baures 

Michael Saathoff

Jacob Schurmeier

Odin Brown


Mite D Grey

Coach- Jonah Sauter, Corey Leger

Major Petranek                   

Easton Sassen    

Crosby Sauter                                                     

Everyn Thompson               

August Valvoda                   

Boden Wasson            

Eli Leger

Exavier Voss

Jacob Schurmeier


U6 girls

Coach- Danny Rydberg, Cody Yougbauer, James Monson, Matt Prihoda

Melia Babolik

Emily Bjorklund

Skylar Louden

Makynlee Monson

Leslie Prihoda

Addison Rydberg

Aubree Stevens

Veyda Youngbauer

Cesilie Pickett

Nora Rydberg

Charlie Baures


U8 girls Pink

Coach- Lindsey Nowling, Greig Roubinek

Manager- Tami Rootkie

Ava Blowers              

Lillian Genereau                  

Brenna Nowling                            

Lily Rootkie        

Myra Roubinek           

Sayler Swanson                   

Sydney Omae

Evelyn Jawish

Jasmine Omae

Kailyne Anderson


U8 Purple

Coaches - Jonah Sauter, Danny Rydberg

Manager - Amy Brower

Amelia Sauter

Lexie Rydberg

Jessa Klemz        

Cindy Miller 

Chloe Goad

Kennedy Youngbauer

Arianna Eckert                          

Daisy Brower

Ani Clementson



Mite C White

Coach-  Ryan Brandt, Louden, Grant Nicoll

Manager-  Deana Brandt

Bronson Brandt

Tristan Dehkes   

Braeden Fort 

Hudson Nicoll    

Garrity Hansen            

Braxten Murphy         

Easton Louden                                        

Carter Berglund

Thane Dematti         

 Tanner Siedlecki                      


Mite C Green

Coach-  Marco Schisano, Lindsey Nowling


Logan Leger       

Waylin Nowling

Nico Schisano

Logan Pangerl   

Luke Pangerl     

Heath Andrews

Devyn Sieling 

Tucker Sieling

Tanner Anderson                

Miles Gray

Armand Gribauval  

Maxwell Stuckey


Mite C Black

Coach- Seth Sauter, Corey Leger

Manager- Cassie Leger

Austin Gariepy

Michael Petranek

Ethan Johnson

Caleb Johnson                                  

Axel Hegge

Ezrah Barth

Nolan Sassen

Jaeggar Anderson      

Hobey Sauter

Aden Leger                                      

Jackson Arnold


Mite B - Black

Coaches-   Brandon Martfeld, Erik Hermanson, Jon Cruz, Nick Rydberg, Luke Anderson, Kyle Borgstrom, James Jahnz

Manager- Brenda Mohr, Kelly Martfeld

Carson Anderson

Anton Cruz

Jaxson Smith

Tyler Hermanson

Colten Mohr

Gage Borgstrom 

Oscar Rydberg                      

Elijah Jahnz        

Tanner Jahnz     

Aiden Martfeld                   

Jesse Perell

LOVE YOUR MELON Hockey fundraiser


The SOH is excited to have partnered with Love Your Melon to provide the State of Hockey with a great hat that supports the fight against pediatric cancer, while putting money back in local hockey associations!

For every hat sold, $10 will be donated back to the local hockey association designated. You do not have to be a member of the Association to order a hat – so get your friends, your family and your neighbors involved!!


This fundraiser will run from Oct. 9 – Oct. 31. Hats will be delivered to the local hockey association rink the week of Nov. 21, along with a check to the Association.…/039527745…

PCYH Girls Committee!!!

Pine City Youth Hockey Girls Hockey Committee for 2017-18 season.  

Thank you to everyone that submitted interest in being on the PCYH girls hockey committee. 
Our 2017-18 PCYH girls hockey committee is: 

Ashley Wasson
Greg Vacinek
Lindsey Nowling
Jonah Sauter
Mike Winters
Matt Prihoda
Paul Kirby

The committee will be lead by Girls coordinator: Seth Sauter.
Phone: 320-224-9802 - E-Mail: