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Try-out Results for the 2017-18 Season:

Bantams B1

Delfin C.

Hunter D.

Jarred J.

Lindblom, James L.

Linnell, Seth L.

Mason M.

Mason O. (Goalie)

Mason R.

Troy S.

Kody S.

Samuel S.

Hunter V.

Aidan W.

Player/goalie: 12-1

Peewee B1

Gavin B.

Jordan D.

Andrew D.

Griffin F.

Trenton J.

Brent K.

Cody K.

McCoy L.

Caleb M.

Jacob S. (Goalie)

Andrew T.

Ryder Y.

Player/goalie: 11 - 1

Peewee B2

Adam C.

Ethan D.

Oscar G. (Goalie)

Hunter H.

Isaac J.

Tyler M.

Ryan N.

Caden S.


Dylan S.

Logan V.

Player/goalie: 10-1

Squirts B1

Ethan A.

Brady B.

Bryer B.

Evan D.

Logan K.

Mcall L.

Landon M.

Hudson M.

Blake P.

Aaron R. (Goalie)

Milo R.

Luciano S.

Bohdan V.

Tucker W. (Goalie)

Player/Goalie: 12-2

Squirts B2

Henry A.

Owen A.

Milo B. (Goalie)

Blake B.

Nicholas B. (Goalie)

Weston C.  

Cooper D.

Graham H.

Beau H.

Carson H.

Jericho J.

Merrick K.

Julian K.

Daimien L.

James M.

Cody N.

Rhivers S.

Fin W.

Player/Goalies: 16-2


Abby A.

Reanna C.

Emma H.

Emma K.

Malia M.

Solei O.

Sophia O. (Goalie)

Arissa R.

Ava R.

Lena R.

Eden S.

Gabby S.

Emma T.

Lexa V.

Andee W.

Brenna Y.

Player/Goalie: 15-1


Gracelynn B.

Ava D.

Erin J. (Goalie)

Alana L.

Autumn P.

Madison P.

Peyton P.

Samantha R.

Ella S.

Isabella S.

Kendall S.

Megan V.

Ava V.

Breckin W.

Player/Goalie: 13-1

TRY-OUT Drills

Top of the page with 4 stations:

#1 - Forward crossovers each direction

#2 - Forward and backward skating

#3 - Backward crossovers each direction

#4 - Stopping and starting each direction


Middle set of stations:

#1 - Stickhandling - crossovers and tight turn

#2 - Stickhandling - weave, tight turns

#3 - Stickhandling/shot  - self explanatory

#4 - Stickhandling - transitions forward to backward


Bottom drill:

2 v 0 pass and loop - Multiple passes while moving and with shot


Next page:


4 corner 2v1 - multiple passes along with team skills and watching defensive position and tactics


Alternating 3v2 - can watch forwards in non-specified positions receive a pass from a coach and work a zone entry play.  Defensemen demonstrate gap-control, angles, stick positions, skating ability.