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For the updated schedule go to the Calendar tab.  If practices are not showing, you need to scroll to the bottom and "Show Tag Menu", scroll to the bottom of the tags and select "Select All Tags".  All PCYH practices should reflect on the calendar.


Summer Parades:

Corn and Clover in Hinckley - July 10th

Chisago County in Rush City - July 24th

Pine County in Pine City - August 7th


Summer Dryland: See details below


Summer Skating: See details below




Skates are not provided and must be bought/leased on your own.

Hockey helmets with masks are required and are available on a first come, first serve basis along with other gear. 



Kris Jahnz






PCYH Board Meetings:

The next PCYH Board meeting will be held on Monday, June 21st at the Pine City Country Club.   Association members can also attend via zoom. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 883 9328 0119
Passcode: 4FWX0L

All PCYH members are welcome to attend.

Website Links

For your convenience, below are some useful links.  

Pine City Youth Hockey Rink Guidelines

If a skater is experiencing any of the following symptoms, they should not attend their try-out time and communication to a board member needs to be made by their gardian:
*sore throat
*loss of taste or smell

MASKS: All players and coaches are required to wear a mask into and out of any facility. Masks are not required for players and coaches when on the ice. Once off the ice and after a helmet is removed, each player and coach must wear a mask. Coaches who are on the bench must wear a mask at all times.

ARRIVAL: Players should arrive at the rink no more than 15 minutes before the start of each session. Anyone who arrives earlier than 15 minutes before each session needs to wait outside of the rink and be socially distanced from others.

Players aged 11 and older should be dropped off at the rink and picked up afterwards for all practices.
For players aged 10 and under, one parent or guardian is allowed in the rink to help tie skates and assist with other equipment needs. This parent/guardian may stay at the rink, following social distance requirements and while wearing a mask, to provide assistance to the player if needed during practice.

Players should come to the rink fully dressed whenever possible, with the exception of skates and helmets (although arrival in skates with proper skate guards is encouraged). Exceptions are made for goalies who will require additional equipment to be put on at the rink.

Players need to provide their own water bottles filled at home and clearly labeled with player’s name. It is not recommended to use the water fountain at any facility.

Please have all players use the restroom at home before practice and games to limit the use of restrooms at the rinks.

LOCKER ROOMS: Players also need to maintain six-feet social distancing while in the locker rooms. Therefore, locker rooms should be occupied at limited capacity.
All incoming players need to wait until all players who were on the ice before them have vacated the ice, benches and locker room area before entrance. There should be no interaction between the two groups.

After practice, players should remove their skates and helmet and exit the facility immediately at the conclusion of their practice. This allows for the next group of skaters to enter while maintaining proper social distancing amongst all players.

For players aged 10 and under, each parent/guardian must exit the facility immediately after practice with their player.

For players aged 11 and over, parents/guardians should pick up their player outside of the facility at the end of practice. It is important that all parents/guardians are made aware of practice end times so they can be punctual in picking up their player. Players should NOT be hanging around the facility waiting for a ride.

Coaches must remain at the facility until all players on their team are safely out of the facility and have been picked up.

Players should not participate in team meetings, socializing or dryland activities after practice.

Each player’s gear should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

The SportsEngine (SE) account that is used to register your skater(s) is the email that receive PCYH's email correspondences.  We often receive questions on how to add additional parent/guardian emails or link separate SE accounts.  

Below are instructions to assist you with adding additional emails to a SportsEngine account and how to link guardians with separate SportsEngine accounts.