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Congratulations to Bill, Deanna and Dominic, who have been elected to fill the three open board member positions!


For the updated schedule go to the Calendar tab.  If practices are not showing, you need to scroll to the bottom and "Show Tag Menu", scroll to the bottom of the tags and select "Select All Tags".  All PCYH practices should reflect on the calendar.

Summer Ice Opportunities - See below


If you need to return gear or lease/rent gear, please contact Kris Jahnz to schedule a time at: 612-423-5837.

PCYH Board Meetings:

The next PCYH Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 17th at 6:30pm - Tentatively at PC Country Club

All PCYH members are welcome to attend.

Website Links

For your convenience, below are some useful links.  

Instructions to add an email to your Ngin account or link to separate Ngin accounts

Do you have a spouse, significant other, or ex-spouse that is not receiving email correspondences from PCYH?  You can add an email to your household profile or link two SportsEngine(Ngin) account so that all parties receive message from PCYH. 
Effective communication is important for a successful year for your player(s) and family