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Managers Information

Manager's Information Page

Team managers play a vital role in the coordination and communication of each individual hockey team. As team manager you are the main liaison between the coaching staff, team and parents to ensure that the hockey season runs smoothly.

If you are interested in becoming a team manger for your son or daughters hockey team you can sign up at one of the in-person registration sessions or contact

How to Register as a Team Manager with PCYH

Once you have been declared a Team Manager you will need to complete the following:

  1. Register with USA Hockey as a Volunteer and PCYH.  You can register at for USA Hockey or under the Registration Tab (Managers) where links to both USA Hockey and PCYH can be found.
  2. Complete the MN Hockey Electronic Background Screening.   All new background screenings submitted through the new NCSI national screening program after April 1, 2020, will be valid for two seasons. For example, a screen submitted and approved on April 15, 2021, will be valid through the end of the 2022-23 season, which is August 31, 2023. There is now a $30.00 fee for Background Screenings. PCYH will reimburse this back to you upon getting a CLEARED Background Screening - Please forward your MN Background Screening information to the PCYH Treasurer ( for reimbursement. Background Screening can be done at
  3. Complete SAFESPORT Training. This training can be done at  The Safesport training and refresher training are each valid for one (1) season beginning 4/1/2020.  (Safesport training is an online tutorial and it does take about 90 minutes to complete the initial Safesport training course. The refresher course can be done in under 30 minutes)

General Duties of a Team Manager

  • Attend the Mandatory D10 Managers meeting at the beginning of the hockey season - (Traveling Teams: Squirt/10U, Peewee/12U & Bantam/15U level Managers only).

2022-2023 Season D10 Managers Meeting Dates:

Tuesday October 18th - Mandatory Managers Meeting at Fogerty Arena – Moe’s Meeting Room @ 7pm

Thursday October 20th - Mandatory Managers Meeting at Coon Rapids Ice Arena @ 7pm

Tuesday October 25th - Mandatory Managers Meeting at Hidden Haven Golf Course – Room downstairs from the restaurant @ 7pm

Thursday October 27th - Mandatory Managers Meeting at Rogers Ice Arena @ 7pm

      Note: Managers are only required to attend one of the Mandatory Meetings, Associations will be fined accordingly for those not in attendance.


       ** Last year’s fine for not attending a meeting was $300.00**

All traveling team managers should print off a copy of the current season D10 Handbook from the D10 Website

At the D10 Meeting you will be informed of who your D10 contact person will be for the season.

  • Serving as the liaison between Coaches, Parents, Players, Tournament officials and others.
  • Make Arrangements for Games, Scrimmages and Tournaments. (Creating a book/clock/penalty box schedule for games, locker room monitor schedule for practices, games and tournaments)
  • Setup Coach/Parent Meeting at the beginning of the season
  • Create and update your PCYH Team webpage
  • The “Go To” person for the team, providing communication to the coaches and parents throughout the season
  • Read and Review the PCYH Managers Manual





Pine City Youth Hockey Managers Manual

Please Read and Review the Managers Manual to become familiar with the expectations of being a PCYH Team Manager

DIBS for Scorebook/Clock/Penalty Box

2- Scorebook = 1 DIB

2- Clock = 1 DIB

4 Penalty Box = 1 DIB

Useful Websites

1. District 10 Hockey-   

  • Handbook
  • Forms - Awards Request Form, Game Rescheduling Procedure, D10 Score Reporting form, Referee (scrimmage) request form
  • D10 Schedule
  • D10 Scores
  • D10 Standings

2. MN hockey-

3. USA Hockey - Coach CEP # Lookup

4. Rink Finder-


D10 Game Sheet Scoring and How to Run the PCYH Game Clock


Scores reported to:

GameSheet Training Videos


1.  Install:

2.  Log In:

3.  Start game:

4.  App Navigation:

5.  Starting Goalie:

6.  Roster Edit:

7.  Change Coach:

8.  Change Jersey #:

9.  Coach Signoff:

10.  Adding Player/Coach:

11.  Fix Error:

12.  Scoring:

13.  Adding Goal:

14.  Adding Penalty:

15.  Script Feature:

16. Game Misconduct:

17.  Delete a Mistake:

19.  Goalie Change:

20.  Edit Game:

23.  Game Lock/Upload:

24.  Feedback/Support:




Tournament Door Tag Samples

End of Season Award Ideas and Examples

Wordle website

This website allows you to make a wordle cloud like the wordle sample below. Fun for hotel door tags and end of year party. If you have never used a wordle before a few tips. If you want a word to be big enter that word atleast 3 times. You choose the words that show up. It takes some time to play with it and edit colors, font, size etc but they turn out very cute.